Shouldn’t I Have All of This


A band with one of the best albums of 2014 (Dark Arc seems to be really, really underrated; it’s making my favorites list without a doubt) is covering Lucinda Williams. I came to this song because of the Mary Chapin Carpenter cover that was a big country hit and it’s great to hear it again.

What Saintseneca does here is take a slightly more haunting turn than the anthemic empowerment tact of Mary Chapin Carpenter’s cover so it explores different corners of the lyrics. Moreover, it gives me another reason to love the song.

Simply put, it’s a great cover. Enjoy it.

  Saintseneca - "Passionate Kisses" by Stereogum

Want To Be Around



All I really can say is that you should take the 6 minutes out of your day that are necessary to listen to Leon Bridge’s Coming Home and Better Man because they are worth it. It would be easy to label his soul sound as an anachronism but it works today and it will work tomorrow.

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  Coming Home by LeonBridges
  Better Man by LeonBridges

If We Make It Through The Night, We’ll Watch The Morning Sun


I love this song and the Dillon Francis remix so much that I am interrupting my regularly (really irregular) scheduled folk music praises to post about it.

Strange Talk has been on this blog before (over 3 years ago, in fact) when featuring Eskimo Boy and I don’t make it any secret that I like Dillon Francis so it’s a great combo for me. Songs from each were already in the playlist at the top of the page (now semi-randomized, too!) so now some word love for their combined effort.

Strange Talk is an Australian band. Dillon Francis is a dude from LA. He’s not bad, if you haven’t heard. Give the remix some listens and love.

  Strange talk - Morning Sun (Dillon Francis Remix) by DILLONFRANCIS

Carried In The Wind


It’s easy to float through life and not be tethered to any place or person I think. It’s in those instances that you are like a balloon going to places far flung and distant, that you look at the ideas and dreams, and that you are not settling. It’s a beautiful, wonderful sentiment that is more a escape than a reflection of anything because a balloon can go anywhere and it’s path is not decided on its own. I guess what I’m saying is that some days it’s nice to be carried in the wind and this song captures that sentiment.

  Carried In The Wind by Sean O'Neill music