I’d like to introduce everyone to the Australian band Fountaineer and to tell a little story. I wasn’t familiar with the band until I was emailed by one of the founders that I had featured in a prior band (Morninghorse). It was a lovely email and something that really struck a chord for me.

I’d been coming to the realization that if you ask me what my dreams are, I couldn’t give you a good answer. It’s a weird realization and one that I’m not totally comfortable admitting (even for how I sometimes use this site for admissions) because shouldn’t I have an answer?

Then I got the email from Anthony White about Fountaineer.

I wrote about his old band from a small town back in 2013 because I liked their music and wanted to share it. In my own small way, I was saying that their music and art was great and it mattered. Little did I know that it would reciprocated 2 years later when I received an email sharing that something I wrote mattered. It’s a crazy, cool world. I don’t know if I’ll every meet Anthony in person, but I hope I get the chance.

Personal story aside, Grand Old Flags, which I’m featuring here, is a great song. It’s the lead single off their upcoming debut album. It is restless dreaminess with elements of Bruce Springsteen, The War on Drugs, and Lord Huron, who are three of my favorites. In fact, when you can merge those three while being unique, you know that you are listening to something special.

The album will be called Greater City, Greater Love and is due out later this year. Check out their Facebook page and enjoy Grand Old Flags.


Either Your Head or Your Heart


The Other by Lauv has almost a half million plays on Soundcloud, which makes sense because it talks of the pendulum of what drives our dreams, desires, and decisions in relationships ultimately. Something that almost everyone knows at one point or another.

I don’t have much to add beyond that it’s such a good song. Enjoy.


Slow Dancer


Slow Dancer is one of the best songs of the year–I’ve been waiting on its release for a little while after seeing it a couple of months ago. Now it’s here.

The version I heard was a stripped down version, just on the piano, that left you mouthing wow because it left you speechless. Just like this one. I’m so happy that the studio version retains its magic.

I encourage you to listen to Slow Dancer repeatedly and I look forward to Noah Gundersen’s upcoming release on Dualtone. The album will be out in August.

  Noah Gundersen - Slow Dancer by Dualtone

I Need Never Get Old


New Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats.

I was actually going to post a song from a couple of years ago that I recently came across and then this came across the wire so that post will wait a little longer as I share I Need Never Get Old.

Simply put, it’s another great song from The Night Sweats. Enjoy it.

  I Need Never Get Old by Nathaniel Rateliff