I’ll Always Miss You In The Cold Night


Give me enough time alone and I will find and listen to a sad-sounding song. Here is one such song, Cold Night by Ryan Pryor.

The song is on collection of live cuts that was recently released and the set of demos is worth the time listening to them. There are some really good songs on it and Cold Night was one of the standouts.

Ryan Pryor is a singer-songwriter in southern California after leaving Texas. You can follow him on Facebook. Take a second and listen to him here with Cold Night.

But I Say Won’t You Stay


But I Say is the debut of Australian duo Tulane. It is a song that has been played a million times before across our lives. Given enough time and chances, we will idolize the flawed and chase the sirens. We know this and we still do it because there is the moment in the siren’s song that we can’t let go of. This song is a recognition–a sad one–that we are in spite of ourselves sometimes.

Tulane is Nikki Malvar and Nikk Retalic. They are from Sydney. Learn more about them on their Facebook page and listen to But I Say.

But It Makes A Pretty Picture In Water Paints And Colored Lines


The Commanderrs are a young band singing a wistful song that is simple, beautiful, and so very mature. Mature could be a recurring word to describe Watching the Sunset, the vocals, or even the understated accompaniment. It’s a song that sounds like it should be coming from a band that has travelled the country and is recounting the tales of the road, not one where some members are in high school. Regardless of age, this is a wonderful song. It is off of their release Set Sail, which you can get at Bandcamp.

The Commanderrs started out as a brother-sister duo that has since grown to a trio. They are from North Carolina. You can visit their Facebook page to learn more.

As a bonus, they covered one of my ultimate favorites and I’ve included it here as well. Hope you enjoy.

This Will Be Ours, You and I

If I could force you to sit down and listen to this, I would. However, and ultimately, Justice by Miss America will force you to sit down as you listen. I try not to be just another hype man and measure my words when throwing around best and greatest, but I can’t really help myself here. This is a great song. This is a song that I’m going to love for a long time and it’s a song that I’m going to point to as a favorite for awhile.

That’s because there are sunsets and someones. There are also thunderstorms and loneliness. This song can capture all of that on different listens. For me, I leave each listen believing there is hope for that someone and that sunset. And like those moments on the porch or the deck watching the sun set, this song is beautiful.

Miss America features several Denver luminaries (Joseph Pope III with Julie Davis, James Han, Patrick Meese, and Nathaniel Rateliff are Miss America). You can download Justice from Bandcamp.

Go ahead and play it again. This will be ours, you and I.