In The Garden


There is something about a song that gets your foot tapping along, then your head starts bobbing along, and when it’s over, there’s a little smirk on your face.

It happens to me occasionally when I stumble across a song like In The Garden by the Painted Horses. The recorded version is a little more upbeat and jingly-jangly than the demo version. You can listen to both versions below and I would imagine that your mood will help choose your favored version. I’m partial to the former.

The Painted Horses are a trio of Denys Kozakis, Natosha Wengreen, and Jon Payne from California that formed in 2014. This is the first single from their debut album Ponderosa Pines, which is coming out March 27, 2015. Enjoy.

  In The Garden by The Painted Horses
  In The Garden Demo by The Painted Horses

Take Me Back to the Night We Met


The new Lord Huron song is quite something and it triggered something in me (the rest of this post is personal so I won’t be offended if you skip over all these words as long you listen to The Night We Met).

In a haze of dreams, ambitions, nostalgia, and love, we search out the paths to the fates that we control. There are people and places that are forks, obstacles, and beacons along those paths. This site is an ode to that idea in part–the concept that the journey can be soundtracked along the way. The site has ebbed and flowed and nearly faded away several times, but it is an outlet for me personally and an access point for myself and others to new and varied music.

The whole point of the site as an outlet could have wrapped up this week in a clean conclusion. I don’t know how transparent about the origins of the site I’ve been, but it was started to replace sharing music with a girl I broke up with. This week she contacted me for the first time in 4 years. I contemplated using that as excuse the shutter the project, close the chapter, and move along. It would have a neat, Hollywood end in some ways.

It would have been an unsatisfying end for me though. The fact she reached out after all this time confused me a lot and I asked a couple different friends to help sort it out. They did. But here, on this site, to say that’s the end, well, it would have been conceding fate to a siren of year’s past.

Then I heard this song. It’s a song that sent me down a stream-of-consciousness and reliving a lot nights. I didn’t realize it until now, but this site stopped being about her a long time ago.

It’s a site that helped me move on from her. It helped chronicle my time in Miami and then my move to Denver. It has granted me access to countless concerts and conversations. It has let me meet people online and in real life. It’s directly responsible for meeting my first friend in Colorado and all the friends down that line. With it, I taught myself digital practices and parlayed that into professional opportunities and then jobs. It was and still is a place of solace for me when I lost my grandma. I have used it to subtly or overtly talk about crushes. I have used it to vent. I have debuted music and contributed to the critics’ echo chamber. It’s my screenname on some sites like Instagram. It’s my journal, public and private.

As much as it was once about her, it isn’t any longer. Somewhere the journey conquered the night amid my lonesome dreams.

I will admit that I don’t know where this site goes or this author, but I’m going to listen to Lord Huron tonight and I hope you do, too:

I am not the only traveler, who has not repaid his debt, I’ve been searching for a trail to follow again, take me back to the night we met, and then I can tell myself, what the hell I’m supposed to do, and then I can tell myself, not to ride along with you, I had all and then most of you, some and now none of you, take me back to the night we met, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, haunted by the ghost of you, take me back to the night we met, when the night was full of terror, and your eyes were filled with tears, when you had not touched me yet, oh take me back to the night we met, I had all and then most of you, some and now none of you, take me back to the night we met, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, haunted by the ghost of you, take me back to the night we met.

  Lord Huron - The Night We Met by My Old Kentucky Blog

Summer’s Last Stand


Take me to a place where I’ve never been but I miss–that’s the way the new Shady Elders struck me.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of sharing their music in the past, but this EP (The Night Air) is a major step forward. The title track is just a siren song for summer. It’s a song that features Fox Rodemich and her smokey vocals that sets the vibes of the whole EP. It’s a song that’s well worth praising and putting on repeating. By the time we get to the outro of In July (the third song), I think I could swoon no more over the music here, but the last minute just gets me or perhaps better put, I get it.

Put on The Night Air and let it all fade away. Enjoy.

  The Night Air by Shady Elders
  Wild South by Shady Elders
  In July by Shady Elders
  Brynn by Shady Elders

Happy New Year


Happy New Year to everyone!

To start off the year, I am posting two tracks from Peking Duk, one of the most hotly tipped Australian bands of the last year. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

  Peking Duk - High (ft. Nicole Millar) by Peking Duk
  Take Me Over ft. SAFIA by Peking Duk