Mashup Week: 21 Babas (Green Day v. The Who)

To conclude this feature, here’s a mashup combining Green Day’s 21 Guns with The Who’s Baba O’Riley. It’s seems like a match made in heaven when you consider that Baba O’Riley is famous for the line it’s only teenage wasteland and that’s the sort of sentiment that helped build Green Day’s careers. And also pretty much fills their pre-American Idiot catalogue.

The mashup itself is pretty good. There are parts where it sounds a little awkward and I might have done a few things different myself but overall, I enjoy and I hope that you do, too. Going to enjoy the weekend now.

You can check out more by Fissunix at his website

Fissunix – 21 Babas (Green Day v. The Who):

[audio:|titles=21 Babas]

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