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Hannah Miller – Way About Ya

Hannah Miller

I recently came across Hannah Miller on Youtube. I really don’t know how she was related content but I’m happy she came up. There’s a simple earnestness about her that I really like. With the world being so complicated and quite frankly depressing sometimes, it’s nice to hear a love song. I think she captures that exceptionally, acknowledging the reality of the world but launching into a chorus focused on love. I think the roller skating rink with the retro clothes plays perfectly with the message.

Check out her website at hannahmillermusic.com, which includes links to her Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter.


Meet Me By The Sea Again

Corona has done one of the absolute best jobs of marketing, turning an alright beer into an idea fusing relaxation, fun times, chicness, and the beach. Why am I talking about Corona’s marketing brilliance? Well, their latest ad ‘Find Your Beach’ features a beautiful song that matches the image that they’ve been cultivating with palm trees and sea scenes.

Meet Me By The Sea

“Meet me by the sea again, past the point the shoreline bends” are the words that initiate the scene from lastest Corona ad. They’re from the song Secret Sun by Jesse Harris and the Ferdinandos. If you think you’ve heard it before, you might have; it is on the soundtrack for Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Great song, perfect to feature today on the blog.

Jesse Harris and the Ferdinandos – The Secret Sun

The Gaslight Anthem – Miles Davis & The Cool

miles davis

There’s something about the moon.

That lyric gets to me for some reason and I’ve been listening to a lot of American Slang and some of The Gaslight Anthem’s older stuff like Miles Davis & The Cool. So that’s why I’m featuring them today. I absolutely love this song among others.

Don’t wait too long to come home. That chorus also seems to get to me. It’s got an absolute hook that works for me. Plus, you can’t help but hear the Springsteen in the ending.

The Gaslight Anthem – Miles Davis & The Cool

10 Commandments of Music Blogging


By divine intervention, two block(quote)s were delivered to me last night. I was like “Eureka!” when I found these 10 commandments right before my eyes. I called up my friend Jesus and all he could say was, “ay Dios mios.” I guess that says it all about these rules. These are the absolutes of music blogging, obviously, Sherlock. Let them guide you if you’re starting out or are just as obscure as I am in the music blogosphere. You can try to pry them from my cold dead hands (yeah, I’m butchering pop culture references as we go), but to share is to care, so I’m sharing.

I. Thou shalt treat their website as the sunshine of their life and swear by the blogging platform thou uses and swear at all the technical stuff that goes wrong with a website.

II. Thou shalt have firm deadlines that give a little bit, minimum word counts that are flexible, and post in a defined, focused niche except when thou doesn’t.

III. Thou shalt be 99% certain that their voice is important and needs to be heard, be 100% original, give 110% every day, and abhore 120% of los numbers.

IV. Thou shalt love Arcade Fire.

V. Thou shall not envy or spite the cuteness of Zach and Kelly and bask in their eternal glory by offering pop culture references left and right.

Kelly and Zach

VI. Thou shalt be funny or sarcastic or snarky or satirical or acerbic or acrimonious or salty or arrogant or backhanded or biting or sardonic or cynical or derisive or irascible or ornery or disillusioned or saucy or ironic or smart-alecky or weisenheiming or mildly entertaining.

VII. Thou shalt be cool as an old vinyl.

VIII. Thou shalt crucify nobody for their preferences, musical or otherwise.

IX. Thou shalt be the life of parties, even if thou doesn’t attend them, or thou should at least pretend to be hip.

X. Thou shalt love music, maybe?

I hope that you enjoyed my foray into something outside my normal realm of posting. I also hope that it provided at least some entertainment. And remember it’s about the music, man.