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Making Your Own Way From Brixton To Brooklyn

Kirsten Price

I have a lot of respect for those artists that are making their own way. So, in one way, this post is a tribute to those that operate their own labels and maintain their musical integrity (not to say that those signed to major and minor labels don’t have musical integrity). For that reason, I’m highlighting Kirsten Price. The British songstress released her latest album Brixton To Brooklyn on her independent KPI label.

Brixton To Brooklyn is an eclectic group of songs. All of which were apparently written by Kirsten. Listening through, it might better serve the listener to think of it as a singles album. The common thread is not in the songs but in the singer. The songs ping across the spectrum but Kirsten Price is there, delivering in each of them.

This range is showcased by what I consider the highlights of the album. Two particular songs stood out. They start off the album back-to-back in fact. While I wouldn’t have named the first song With Or Without You because of the U2 song, the album opener is a very strong song that immediately invokes Kelly Clarkson comparisons in my mind. It’s full bore power pop. Kirsten follows it up with Moving On, which was my favorite on first listen and I stand by that reaction. The second song sees her slow it down and deliver a balladry, pop gem. It’s also included below so definitely give it a listen.

You can buy the album at iTunes among other places. Check out more of Kirsten’s music at her website and her Facebook.


MP3: Kirsten Price – Moving On