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Frightened Rabbit – The Modern Leper

Frightened Rabbit

A couple of days ago Scottish band Frightened Rabbit signed with Atlantic Records. Atlantic will release the band’s fourth album, which is in the pre-writing stages. This gives me a great opportunity to post a favorite of mine, their song The Modern Leper. It’ll also be one of the last times to call them an indie band.

The Modern Leper features many things that I find desirable in a song. But simply, it’s an anthemic indie song. The lyrics match the music. One line that stands out is: I cut off my foot to spite my leg. Perfect within the context of the song.

This is a fairly quick post because it’s one of the songs I really like and there’s not much more to say than that. I hope you like.

SOUNDCLOUD: Frightened Rabbit – The Modern Leper

[Cover] The Bird And The Bee – She’s Gone

Bird And The Bee

Someone sent me a clip of Outsourced and asked me: who sang the song? I recognized that it was someone covering Hall & Oates’ She’s Gone right away. I went on the search and figured out that the cover was performed by LA pop duo, The Bird and the Bee. The complete cover is pretty awesome so that’s why I’m featuring it today.

It turns out that the pair created an entire covers album devoted to Hall & Oates earlier this year. The classics they sing include She’s Gone (of course), Rich Girl, and Maneater among others. Here’s the iTunes link.

For a little biographical information, the Bird and the Bee are made up of Inara George (the Bird) and Greg Kurstin (the Bee). Inara provides the vocals and Greg provides production and mixing. They’ve been together since 2006.

I hope that you enjoy the cover as much I do.

SOUNDCLOUD: The Bird And The Bee – She’s Gone

The New Wine – Bridge (Untz Untz Remix)

Can’t really hear today but I’m pretty sure this sounds good. Norwegian label Untz Untz remixed a song by a band of their fellow countrymen, The New Wine. We end up with over 7 minutes of electronic bliss. Although I only heard it recently, the remix is about a year old. The original is also quite good. I’ll let you enjoy both without saying too much more and also as I try to remove those annoying talking ads.

Untz Untz is a label based in Bergen, Norway and Berlin, Germany. They put out vinyls, mostly of their musical friends. You can find out where to buy those 12″ while also liking them on Facebook.

The New Wine are also from Bergen, Norway. Their latest album, Waves, was released September 27 in Norway. Check out their Facebook or Myspace for more of their music.

You can buy this track here.

SOUNDCLOUD: The New Wine – Bridge (Untz Untz remix)

Evan Voytas – Tomorrow Night We’ll Go Anywhere


LA-based, small town PA-born, and raised on the music of the 1960’s and 70’s, I can relate to Evan Voytas. Except that I’m from a place much smaller than Kutztown (and I’m not LA-based). You could nitpick about what type of music I was raised on, too, but regardless, I still feel I can relate to Evan. I came across him by Hypem and Brooklyn Vegan and I’m so glad I did. I listened to the rest of his new release, Tomorrow Night We’ll Go Anywhere, and was kind of lost in that moment. It’s his debut EP for Cascine.

The music could be easily stereotyped as dream pop but that’s not what it is to me. I like the description on the record label’s site:Evan Voytas creates an intimate concoction of pop music that takes you back in time while pushing you into the future. It’s a sweet juxtaposition – like half-formed memories that you’re not sure ever really existed. So it is dream pop but it isn’t. It’s something that defies our traditional notions of the genre. It retains the mesmerizing sound but it’s got the nostalgic feel. I recently read, somewhere, something to the effect that Springsteen’s Born To Run is about when you know dreams don’t come true, but you still believe they might for you. That’s the same sort of emotional response that I have to this music. So, for me, it’s pretty profound.

I loved the picture that accompanies the EP on Cascine’s website because it’s the thousand words that describe Tomorrow Night We’ll Go Anywhere and it’s the same photo that is above. All credit to photographer Stephanie Seeley for saying it much more beautifully than I can.

SOUNDCLOUD: Evan Voytas – Tomorrow Night We’ll Go Anywhere