She's the Queen – All You've Got

She's the Queen

Honestly, Matt & Kim’s Sidewalks was my most played album in November and it wasn’t all that close. I guess it proves I’m a sucker for happy-sounding electro-pop. And my voracious appetite for electro-pop can’t even be filled by a great band like Matt & Kim so I’m always on the lookout for more. If that’s your sound, there’s a pretty good chance that I’m going to like you. Still, I wasn’t sure if I could find something to love like Matt & Kim. Fortunately, I came across She’s the Queen by way of Arjan Writes and I love them. They’re filling my ears with electronic sugar and I can’t be happier.

Emily White and Andrew Kuryloski make up She’s the Queen and they’re from some combination of New York City and Philly. They only formed in 2009 but I have no doubt 2011 will see them explode in popularity. I’d bet any amount of money they would be especially popular on the festival circuit. The electronic vibes encourage all those with (and even in my case, without) dance sensibilities to get moving or at least nod along.

The sounds engineered by Andrew sync up amazingly with Emily’s vocals over all their songs. In fact, picking just one song to highlight proved difficult for me. With that being the case, there’s a pretty good chance that this won’t be the last time you see She’s the Queen on 1146 miles. I encourage everyone to go to their Soundcloud page and listen to their other songs. I ended up choosing to highlight All You’ve Got and honestly, I don’t have a great reason for choosing it over the others. I guess because I love it will have to suffice.

I don’t know if they’re going to play outside the New York area–but if you’re around NYC, they have a date at Bar East in January. I might have a reason to go to New York then.

As far as social networking, here’s their Facebook, their Myspace, and their website. Check them out and listen to All You’ve Got!

She’s the Queen – All You’ve Got