Circus Envy – Regret

Circus Envy

I’m on quite a binge right now–a binge of alt-country. The British folk band Circus Envy debuted the first single, Regret, off of their forthcoming album, Secrets, and it’s what I’m listening to.

Regret is much more of a country pop song than alt-country I grant you but the East Yorkshire band of Leigh Hirst, James Paddison, Mike Richmond, Andy Clark, and Mick Harding isn’t afraid of the alternative. For example, they dive into the use of alternative instruments like the bouzouki, the mandolin, and the cajon. Suffice to say, it’s an enjoyable little ditty.

Circus Envy is looking to perform festivals in UK this spring, so be on the lookout for them. Check out Regret here and also their Facebook.

Regret by Circus Envy