Tonight's Show: Lissie


I dare you to find a Lissie song that I don’t like. I’m pretty sure you can’t.

Thus, I’m excited that I’m going to see her tonight. To me, she’s like a modern day Janis Joplin and who wouldn’t want to see a modern day Janis Joplin? So today seemed appropriate to highlight her again at 1146 miles.

Picking just one song from her discography to highlight is hard for me. From her originals to her covers, the music she makes is pretty sweet. While, she’s received plenty of attention for her covers of Lady Gaga and Kid Cudi, Wedding Bells, a cover of Hank Williams, was almost the choice here. Listening to it, you would have never thought it was a mid-1900’s song. Instead, I chose In Sleep. I guess I chose it because the guitar outro is pretty awesome among other reasons.

Since I like pretty much every one of her songs, I have high expectations for tonight’s show. I hope it’s a great show.

Lissie – In Sleep