The Oak Creek Band – 1934

There’s a good chance that I’m going to check out the Oak Creek Band in the coming weeks. I’m absolutely sure of that. It’s actually kind of funny how I found this local Denver band–I was searching for Wye Oak tickets. Wye Oak doesn’t come until April but I think listening to Oak Creek’s easy folk tunes will help to pass the time.

While Oak Creek is a Denver band in my book, Daniel Watters and Jenna Cunningham are originally from Sedona, Arizona. Over time, they came together to finally form a band. It wasn’t until they were in Denver that that formed Oak Creek. Their poppy folk sound helped to draw some comparisons to Stars by others and I can hear it a bit. However, I always, rightly or wrongly, associate Stars more closely with Arcade Fire and in this case Oak Creek is the other direction. They are simpler, less sonically indulgent. I think that’s why I enjoy them so much. They are currently recording their first album together. Check out 1934.

1934 by The Oak Creek Band