Glassjaw – Stars

Ok, ok. Enough with the indie/folk/pop blah blah blah. My inner teenager is craving music with a little more… sack. So here we go.

Glassjaw is one of those cult bands whose fans form an instant friendship upon mention of the name. I’ve seen it happen more than once. It’s a beautiful thing. One of the mezmerizing features of gJ is frontman Daryl Polumbo’s ability to straddle the line between frustrated adolescent rage and something much more mature and intense (read: sociopathic). The music is the perfect accompaniment for his mood swings.

gJ in its true form has laid dormant for the better part of a decade. Various side projects couldn’t satiate their fanbase’s desire for the brutal, yet sweet ruckus. Over the past few months… er, years, they’ve been releasing songs that move between their wide range of tones. Stars is the song that best displays this contrast.

It starts with a deceptively sweet guitar figure before exploding into teeth-gnashing rage. But unlike the overwhelming majority of other heavy bands, Glassjaw never leaves the melody too far behind. But good luck singing along- Daryl keeps the songs to himself. Which I’m fine with. It’s in good hands.

Glassjaw’s latest EP Our Color Green is already out. They’re touring this Spring. Anyone up for the Baltimore show? Hit me up.

(Higher quality studio version, with sexy guitar intro):