Mansions on the Moon – She Makes Me Feel

Mansions on the Moon

Meera, friend, I’m not slacking. Okay, maybe I am a little but I’m pretty sure I wrote a couple thousand words worth of emails today (PS I’ve got some Denver news, I’ll talk to you soon–consider this song a preface to that conversation).

This awesome song should also cover me until I actually get through this spat of submissions that are heavy on the tribal influences. Hopefully, I find something that I like in the inbox. For now, here’s She Makes Me Feel.

Mansions on the Moon put out an awesome mixtape, Paradise Falls, last fall that never gets old. This song is on that mixtape. And I really could listen to Glimpse of the Future and not get tired of it as well. It’s available for free (at least it was when I downloaded it). I’m pretty sure it’s still free and that you can find out where as you like them on Facebook. Enjoy.

UPDATE: I totally forgot to give a shoutout to LOOSE L!PS, I wouldn’t have listened to this recently without her.

She Makes Me Feel by Mansions on the Moon