The Galt Line – Glass of Scotch

The Galt Line is a swing duo from Maryland, and you really have to see them to believe them.  So what sets them apart from the panoply of retro acts going around these days?  Scorching female vocals, rattling bottlecaps for percussion, and last but not least, a true lead guitar.  You could take Willie’s guitar licks and drop them into a full rock band and they wouldn’t sound out of place.  But here they give the pair as much energy as any four-piece, all the while retaining their acoustic charm.

The bottom line is this is not swing in a time capsule.  This is roots music that oozes rock energy, jazzy melodies, and blues turnarounds that’ll get you on the dance floor faster than you can say ‘Lady Gaga.’

The Galt Line is on tour as we speak, so be sure to check them out here.