Red City Radio – Spinning in Circles is a Gateway Drug

Red City Radio

I just spent the past 3 days camping with no TV, internet or way to reach the outside world. Ok…I wasn’t in the middle of nowhere, but I didn’t shower for 3 days. I got home, took a shower, and grabbed a 40 of Mickey’s, needing to hear something rocking!! I chose to see what was going on with a band I love called Red City Radio. I first heard of them through their song We are the Sons and Daughters of Woodie Guthrie but located a new video on Youtube for the song Spinning in Circles is a Gateway Drug.

I got exactly what I needed with this, it kicked complete ass!! Red City Radio are a F**k the Establishment band, coming from Oklahoma City. They scream blue collar. Dirty vocals, half scream and half harmony, with sludgy guitars and big chorouses; this is a great sing along song when you are buzzing off of cheap beer. They have a sound that is half Social D and half Rancid, any song that is over 3 minutes runs too long but they pack as much punch into each song as they can! Red City Radio kicks ass and takes names, there is no “pussyfooting” around with them (I have been dying to say that all day). If I were in a street fight, I would want these guys to have my back.

I chose to feature the video from this song because it just hilarious and needs to be seen to enjoy the song on the first listen. After you watch it, locate Red City Radio on myspace and facebook then love them as I do!!