Hosannas – The People I Know

People I Know

I went to check out Hosannas (the band formerly known as Church) last night on a whim. It was a pretty last minute decision to go out on a Monday night but I was rewarded with music I got lost in. The whirling electronics, heavy with reverb, proved more intoxicating than anything I drank (I should also note their opener, Blonde Summer, was a pleasant surprise to someone who hadn’t heard of them before yesterday).

The Portland band featuring brothers Brandon and Richard Laws was making their way back from SXSW. They played a set with old songs from Together and new songs as well. Highlights of the show were When We Were Young, In Between, and of course, The People I Know.

They’re set to drop a new EP, Thug Life Nicole, on March 29th. Their set reflected the direction of that EP, more electronic and synth-based music that might sometimes be classified as stoner dance.

I definitely recommend that you go check them out if only to hear them close a set with The People I Know, which struck me as what MGMT would sound like if they were from Portland.

Check out their website and Facebook and enjoy.

Hosannas – The People I Know