Lupe Fiasco – LASERS


Now I know people don’t exactly come to 1146miles to read about a top 100 artist–one that’s charting at #1 in album sales right now. Though this may be true, frankly, I don’t care. This post is one that I think, though it may not fit the theme of 1146miles, is well deserved.

To be honest, I’ve never listened to a hip hop/rap album the whole way through (I warned you all in my first post ever that I am terrible at distinguishing genres ). One day my cousin called me. I’m really close with him. He told me to listen to the latest release by Lupe Fiasco. Then he went on to tell me (prior to the album release) that “l can guarantee that Lupe’s album is going to be my favorite. I love him. He’s my favorite artist; he just seems so real.”

This statement, in it and of itself, had me counting down the days until the album’s release. Then the day came. I bought the album on vinyl, then on iTunes. Yes, I purchased it twice, it is THAT good. I’ve been listening to it, LASERS, on repeat, since its release. THAT is the telling of a phenomenal album, through and through.

I leave you with one of many great tracks from LASERS (in stores everywhere).

Lupe Fiasco – All Black Everything