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But I Was Told By Jesus All Was Well, So All Must Be Well

Keep The Earth Below My Feet

I love that lyric so much.

I’ve veered towards religion and spirituality more than I though I ever would in my writing and it’s not exactly clear even to me why. I guess, at times, this blog serves as my confession about so many things that I have thoughts about and so it’s a natural extension of writing about what I want. Religion’s got a predominance in life, even if you aren’t particularly religious. Anyways, this post isn’t necessarily about religion or anything like that, but I just went off on a slight tangent because of the Jesus reference in the lyrics of Below My Feet. Sometimes I use posts to talk about life at large. This is one of them.

Last night I got home late, I just wanted to listen to some of my favorite songs. This is one of them. There’s something soothing about having a date with the music you love. With this particular song, there’s something redemptive about it and it healed vanity scars in the way I hoped it would. I alternate between believing Marcus Mumford is sincere and then I think he is mocking with the lyric that I used to entitle this post. I lean slightly towards the latter, in part, because of the ordering of the wording. “So all must be well” is a more eloquent way of saying “whatever, it’s okay” to me. And as someone that will say those words reflexively, I know you don’t always mean it, but you say them to not make it a big deal. And that gets to why I specifically sought this song last night.

In very much the same vein as the Float On post from earlier today, I wanted to hear music that reflected my thoughts. This song did that for me and proved to be a powerful moment in an early May night. Below My Feet is a slow-building burner that is me in many ways. I can’t confess to be as brilliant with my words, but if you can pick a song that exemplifies your mood, I think I would pick this one for this moment. This song just fit the moment. I’m going to see Mumford and Sons this summer and I can’t wait. There are so many reasons why I’m excited and this is one of them.

As much as I love and adore the aforementioned lyric, the takeaway line is “let me learn from where I’ve been.” That’s the essence of what this post is (and the blog, really) about. I don’t think I travel that much but my friends have said that I transverse longitude and latitude like nobody’s business. Along the way, you need those moments where smiling and getting by on charisma just don’t work. When something doesn’t work out quite how I want, I can listen to the lyrics, “But I was told by Jesus all was well, so all must be well” and find solace. There are so many lessons to learn in life I guess. And this was one of them.

Sorry for the poor quality; it’s ripped from a concert. I hope that it makes it onto their next album because it is one of my favorite songs. Hope you enjoy.

Mumford and Sons – Below My Feet

Sam Brookes – A Roof On My Head

Sam Brookes

“I wonder if there’s dreamers on the streets of Tripoli…”

This is good great folk. It’s powerful, poignant, political. It’s got perspective and it begs you to consider all that is going on. But it does so with ease lyrically. It’s easy to miss you some of the allusions and metaphors. I know each time I found another one as I listened anew. It seems fitting that along with the previous post, this is a song with such mellowing effect on the listener.

Sam, like his words, navigates through the song with such ease. His voice has the proper weight, it’s balanced between knowing he’s far away from Tripoli to actually know what it’s like but also hope for a better world. It’s almost a gutcheck. Many of us live very privileged lives but the world isn’t like that for everyone.

This is one of my favorite recent finds. I hope you like.

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Sam Brookes – A Roof On My Head

Stay Young Mixtape

Stay Young

Happy Friday!

So I’ve decided to put together a short mixtape of stuff that I’m really enjoying right now. Some of it is new and a couple songs are a wee bit older. It’s a collection of tracks from artists hailing from Miami, Boston, Sydney, Portland, and Denver. The common thread is the electronic sound with hints of psychedelic, shoegaze, and/or other musical elements. Thematically, it puts me in a reminiscent state and I go back to youth. I don’t know if it’ll have the same effect on others but I hope that you enjoy.

You can listen via Soundcloud and it’s going to be the May playlist of 1146 miles, which I will eventually feature on the sidebar. Have a good weekend.

1. ANR – Stay Kids
2. Magic Man – Monster
3. Guerre – Like The Rain
4. Flashlights – Holidays
5. Hosannas – When We Were Young
6. Real Magic – No Things Left

UPDATE: Here’s a zipped folder of the songs (132 mb).

Midnight Lion – I Will Be King

Midnight Lion

This song from the Scottish duo, Midnight Lion, is by no means new, but I doubt you’ve heard it and think you should. The pair from Glasgow, Stewart Brock and Lewis Gardiner, came together in 2009 to start creating some rather extraordinary pop.

I Will Be King is a prime example. It’s not pop music in the vein of what is played on the radio but pop nonetheless and a form you might enjoy even if you generally deride the genre. It features all the catchiness without making you feel guilty singing along with the oh’s. Take a listen to see what I mean.

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Midnight Lion – I Will Be King