Maybe You Can Owe Me

From time to time, I use a post to focus on something I want to talk about and just use music as an auxiliary feature of that post. I was going to do that with today’s post but realized I’d let the music do the talking instead. The song for you to enjoy is an old Architecture in Helsinki song, Maybe You Can Owe Me.

Maybe you can owe me?
Or should we wait and see?
‘Cause I’ve been saving up for something we need,
As long as you’re open to the possibility, yeah.

Surely, there’s a story in counting all the minutes ’til July the 1st,
But you counted all the seconds and it made you feel worse,
I don’t wanna be here, you just wanna be there,
But it’s awful complicated and you’re warning me to beware.

And honey, there’s no hurry,
I know it’s overdue, there’s a key to the door,
To the room where I’m staying,
You can sleep on the floor,
Half way through the night can we talk and see?
‘Cause there’s no way that I’ll sleep when you’re near me

This song has got the perfect comedown over the last minute and ends with what I think are cars riding on a wet road, which is a fitting image for me. We’re all going somewhere; driving many miles, choosing among many paths, listening to many songs and sometimes it’s a rainy day. We can be occupied with different thoughts and desires. We’re all hoping someone is willing to take a chance on us.

Download Architecture In Helsinki Maybe You Can Owe Me
Architecture In Helsinki Maybe You Can Owe Me