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Derek Desroches – Far From Home


In all honesty, this is one of those posts where I wished I was a Tumbleblog because it would be great to post this song, say it’s awesome and check it out, and then be done. But I try to say more than 10 words when I post. So it will be done.

As far as I can tell, the song is from a Canadian hobby musician, Derek Desroches. It’s an indie electronic track that I came across on Soundcloud and I listened to it about 4-5 times straight. When I listen to something that many times consecutively, there’s a decent chance that I like it enough to post about it. That’s the case here. The looping last half of the song is my addiction to the track.

The accompanying image is the painting The Field Far From Home by Edward Wolverton. Seemed appropriate.

Frightened Rabbit – Fuck This Place (Featuring Tracyanne Campbell)

Frightened Rabbit

Here is an epic new song from Frightened Rabbit. Following on the heels of We Were Promised Jetpacks’s Act on Impulse, this is another indie rock song from Scotland that I absolutely love. I think I’ve made my love for the Alban anthems known and this is just another declaration of my love.

That’s the extent that love relates to the song though. It’s more a sullen reminder that we can’t quite go home again. It fits the style of Frightened Rabbit–they cry tears of whiskey–and plead in the most genuine way for what was or could never be. In this particular song, you don’t get the sense that it will work out listening to the alternating pleas from Scott Hutchison and featured artist Tracyanne Campbell from Camera Obscura near the end.

Would you, would you, would you be good enough to take home?

We would be left wondering if not for the song title. But we knew that the whole time, if only subconsciously.

Here is their Facebook.

Thanks to Franky and Listen To Before You Buy for the original post.

Spanish Prisoners – Know No Violence

Spanish Prisoners - Know No Violence

Spanish Prisoners are the Brooklyn four-piece of Leo Maymind, Amberly Hungerford, Michael DiSanto, and James Higgs.

They are going to be releasing their second LP, Gold Fools, later this year. The band has put out the single Know No Violence as an immediate taste of that effort. The psychedelic pop is well received here and builds my anticipation for the complete effort.

It’s available at Bandcamp. And here’s their Facebook. Enjoy Know No Violence!

Jason Moran – Feedback Pt. 2

2010 was a great year for Jason Moran, whom I consider one of the most exciting pianists and composers in jazz today. He was a recipient of the prestigious MacArthur Award. He performed as a sideman on Charles Lloyd’s wonderful Mirror, the great Paul Motian’s Lost in a Dream, Rudresh Mahanthappa’s Apex (Dig), and Ralph Alessi’s Cognitive Dissonance. He also released what I believe to be his best album to date with his trio The Bandwagon: Ten.

Featured on this album is a piece titled Feedback Pt. 2, which may not exhibit Moran’s technical piano skills and ability to improvise cohesive thoughts on composed pieces as much as some of the album’s other tracks, but instead it justifies Rolling Stone magazine’s claim that Moran is “the most provocative thinker in current jazz.”

Commissioned for the Monterey Jazz Festival, this piece is centered around feedback sampled from Jimi Hendrix’s performance at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. Climaxing with cascades of rolling chords near the 3:30 mark, this piece takes a free time, atonal section of feedback and creates an undeniably exciting, beautiful avant-garde composition, unlike anything else that is happening in music today. Pay particular attention to the subtle interaction and exchange of ideas between Moran and bassist Tarus Mateen, while drummer Nasheet Waits tastefully provides textures and colors. Check it out.

Jason Moran – Feedback Pt. 2