Meera’s Music Monday Madness Celebrates Independence Day

I normally find a song I like and write my post within 15 minutes, as I listen to said song repeatedly. Today is a special occasion. Today we celebrate Sweet Baby America’s Independence. For that very reason, this post received my undivided attention for much longer than a mere 15 minutes.

When I think of America and its roots, for some reason I think of folk. I don’t know too much folk music. Indie folk, however, that I know and love. (Remember, I’m terrible at identifying genres, so apologies if you don’t agree with my classification today.) So I perused through my whole iPod and found three songs that I dig the most for the occasion.

“Well I could have been a famous singer, if I had someone else’s voice…”

Let’s kick this off with some Bright Eyes, shall we? In the band’s album I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning, the track Road to Joy just screams America to me. During their live show, this song had the entire crowd alive and singing loud.

“See I once was a young fool like you afraid to do the things that I knew I had to do…”

Next up: M. Ward. This kind gentleman has such a lively spirit, on stage and in his music. The track Chinese Translation from the album Post-War just reminds me of growing up with such rich culture. Hearing stories from elderly about “When I was your age…” and asking for numerous counts of advice.

“While June asphalt sprouts steel wool, we start at ceiling pin pricks…”

Last but most certainly not least, my beloved Maps & Atlases. I had picked three of their tracks for this and narrowed it down to one. The track Big Bopper Anthems from their album Tree, Swallows, Houses is the one that made the cut. I can’t explain with words why I chose this song, I hope once you listen to the song you’ll understand what I mean.

There we have it ladies and gentlemen. The 4th 4M post on the 4th of July. (Yes, I do enjoy my alliteration.) Hope you all enjoy the holiday. Until next Monday..catchya later tricks!


Bright Eyes – Road To Joy by TOMASAW

M. Ward – Chinese Translation by tsuru for tadpole

Maps And Atlases – Big Bopper Anthems by MF.scal