Diamond Rings – Wait & See

John O

Feeling like a bit-part actor,
I work in between the lines,
Saving up for something faster,
I’m waiting upon my time,

(For your heart’s sake)

Don’t you wait around for me to decide what
I want to grow up to be,
I’ll just let you down if I do decide that
I just want to wait and see.

This song isn’t new but it is good so I hope you’ll give it a listen if you haven’t heard it already. I’ve included a decent chunk of the lyrics because those words were the reason I listened to his debut album, Special Affections. I wrote about It’s Not My Party back in December.

In that post, I touched on the appeal of dance music and my views are still the same. It’s an outlet in this increasingly crazy world (see Michelle Bachmann). So dance like nobody’s watching.

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Diamond Rings – Wait & See by justicewood