The Naked and Famous – Girls Like You

Diana Agron

Diana Agron, just because.

Don’t you know people write songs about girls like you?

This was is my favorite song from 2010. By far.

I’d been holding it in my back pocket for the right opportunity to use in a long post about something or another but nothing has come along that felt appropriate. Basically, it’s kind of a F U song; no skirting around that I guess. And I don’t have that sort of angered emotions toward any girl. So I was holding on to the song for a rainy day.

Fortunately, that rainy day hasn’t come and I just randomly crossed paths with the song again. It seems silly to keep holding on to a song for a day that will never come, especially when it is one of my favorite songs. So today is the day I share it.

The comedown over the last half of the song is what separates it from other electro-pop songs and other songs in general. That comedown puts into a whole ‘nother stratosphere for me. The song reflects the emotions of the singer–there’s a slow buildup, a carthetic climax, and a comedown. It mirrors the life cycle of a failed relationship. And after six minutes, you’ve lived it all the way through.

Girls Like You is on Passive Me, Aggresive You, one of the best records of last year. If you haven’t heard Young Blood or Punching in a Dream, I recommend you check them out as well.

The Naked and Famous are at the top of the artists I want to see. One day I will see the New Zealand act. One day that will come.

The Naked and Famous – Girls Like You