August Rigo – How To Love (Lil Wayne Cover)


August Rigo is a songwriter for Sony/ATV and sings this cover of Weezy’s How To Love. He’s looking to release a mixtape of his own in due time. He’s from Toronto, Canada. August didn’t start singing and pursuing a singing career until 2009 so he’s relatively new in that regard.

When he’s not singing, his writer credits include pop hits from Justin Bieber, Jesse McCartney, and Iyaz.

His vocals aren’t perfect but the raspiness on How To Love plays right into the sensual nature of the track when embracing the undeniable R&B vibes the song has. While it’s not heard to sing better than Lil Wayne, he doesn’t try to oversing it either, whereas a lot of covers of this song tend to. I appreciate that immensely.

Check out his cover below.

He has a website if you want to check it out.

August Rigo – How To Love (Cover)