Sweet Lights – You Let Me Down

You never know the next time you are going to be in a real recording studio. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity.

Sweet Lights is the moniker of Shai Halperin’s solo project, his exclusive focus since 2010. I previously featured his Ballad of Kurt Vile #2, which you should check out if you haven’t already. I have the good fortune to share his latest with you now. He took part in the Shaking Through series that Weathervane Music curates.

The series offers some insight into the making of music and in this particular instance, Shai’s new song.

You Let Me Down was recorded June 25th and 26th with Shai recording every track himself. In the video, they reference ELO influences and I can see that. To me it’s a more of a hybrid of ELO and the Beatles. That’s somewhat redundant but it’s not quite either. In any circumstance, it’s a great track. Additionally, it’s available for free download. Enjoy!

You Let Me Down by Sweet Lights