Photo Credit: Luca Venter

In honor of Ian’s post on Chain Gang of 1974, I decided to feature POPCULT this week.  Two of the members of POPCULT have been playing live with Chain Gang of 1974 for the past year.  Finally, they have released their first EP under their own moniker.  

Their music sounds like a more poppy, catchy, and modern version of Coldplay–like a combination of their musical influences and their musical experiences.  We can always use some more dreamy piano pop and POPCULT definitely fulfills this need.  The EP is well recorded and the songs are well-written.  This is POPCULT’s first effort, but they are much more advanced than some bands are on their second release.  These guys have the alternative pop-rock song down to a T.

The full self-titled EP can be downloaded at www.popcultband.com for free!  Listen to the entire thing below.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/971641″ height=”200″]