Jhameel – The Human Condition

Where do I even begin? If you’ve managed to live in a bubble the past week, let me give you a quick recap:

Tuesday: 5.8 magnitude earthquake occurs in Virginia, it’s felt along the Eastern coast of the United States. As far as I know, nobody was reportedly injured or killed.

Thursday through Sunday: The evil Hurricane Irene hits the Eastern coast of the United States like a tazmanian devil in water/wind form. Many killed and the state of Vermont is entirely flooded (from what I saw on the news).

Monday: Meera’s Music Monday Madness features an artist that she just heard of today and she is SUPER excited to share him with you (okay, I’m done speaking in the third person).

So fine, I ended the recap in a very selfish and conceited way.

On with the music! Today’s super-spectacularly-awesome track is Jhameel’s The Human Condition off his latest album of the same name.

Before the vocals even make an appearance, I guarantee (most of) you will have your head nodding. Then, you hear the voice. The combination of the synths, the outrageous percussion, the melodies (do I really need to continue?), and the lyrics are a mastery of greatness that I’ve personally never heard before, and I can’t imagine someone replicating it.

Did I mention every instrument you hear on this track is played by Jhameel, himself?

Be sure to check out Jhameel’s Facebook page here.

Until next Monday, catchya later tricks!

The Human Condition by jhameel