Blockhead – Insomniac Olympics


I’m excited for fall. Everyone searches for songs that intensify the feeling of the season. You know, that ONE song that you can listen to any time during the season and it only evokes the best memories in your mind. To me that track is Insomniac Olympics by Blockhead. A track off his debut solo album Music by Cavelight, this track perfectly embodies the best part of instrumental hip-hop (to me) and as an extension makes for a perfect theme song to fall.

I am currently digging a lot of this instrumental style of music as it is a departure from what I used to listen to and find that it serves my mood perfectly. From the horn opening accompanied by a slow drumbeat which slowly fades into a riff played on a piano, this song invokes the best part of the season to me. Not the “drink beer, watch football and tailgate all weekend” part of fall either. It reminds me of when it gets colder and the leaves start falling off trees. Walking around at night, moonlight reflects off trees and leaves crunch underneath your feet. The air is cold enough to see your breath condense and there are enough leaves on the ground that once every few steps you hear the satisfying crunch of one underfoot.

The backtracked music and the scratched up vocals make for this to be a perfect soundtrack as we get deeper into fall. The football may have started, but the true magic of the season is yet to be unleashed.