AWOLNATION – Not Your Fault


Sometimes, I wish I had a good story for a post or at least a lede. I have neither today. I just heard this when I was listening to music tonight and was like, hey, I like that song, I think some other people might like it, too. Sometimes, that’s my inspiration.

I have to admit that I’ve thought the lyric “she’s a ten, I’m a joke in my own mind” independently of any music many a time. I definitely fall on the self-deprecating side instead of the self-aggrandizing side of things. I know what I can do, I don’t need to brag about it. I guess I come from the school of thought that if you have to tell somebody you’re something, you’re really not that something. For example, how many people that refer to themselves as classy are actually classy? Point, set, match. I just went Djokovic on you, philosophically-speaking (this stream-of-consciousness tangent is a runaway train at this point, if you want to just skip down to the bottom and listen to the music, I wouldn’t blame you). What I mean is the perception of things sometimes inform the reality. People that aren’t comfortable with that perception or reality try to correct it…in their minds. “It’s not that you should care, I just wanted you to know.” We tend to correct things we don’t like. I know I’m guilty of it.

Sometimes, it’s not your fault.

You can buy Megalithic Symphony on iTunes and should enjoy Not Your Fault.

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