Black Books – The Big Idea

Black Books

I’ve never been to Austin but I think I would love it. And I’ve found another reason: Black Books (I think they’re reason #43431…approximately).

Black Books is a 5-piece from the Texas capital. They’re made up of Ross and Meg Gilfillan, Kevin Butler, Mike Parker, and Clarke Curtis. The band plays what they call “a mix of what dream pop and southern rock.” They are old friends but new bandmates. They currently have one release, An Introduction to…. With it, they’ve been labelled as a local band to watch in the quality Austin scene. As you listen to their music, you can see why. I’ve attached the first song off of their EP, The Big Idea, for your enjoyment.

You can and should listen to their EP, An Introduction to…, at their website. The four songs will leave you wanting more. Fortunately, more is on the way, but there’s no firm release date for the new material. For now, I’m going to enjoy The Big Idea and the other three songs on An Introduction to…. Join me.

Here’s their Facebook to like.

Black Books – The Big Idea