Look! There Goes Another Leaf!

Meera’s Music Monday Madness is back from its month-long hiatus, finally. However, to mock the very witty creator and sarcastic leader of 1146 miles (Ian), it’s not like I’m syndicated or anything…yet.

So what’s been going on in the past month? So much randomness that it all just seems like nothing. Know the feeling? 

Summer ended a few weeks ago, what a shame. Though I did manage to end the summer the way I started it, with a Bright Eyes show followed by the Virgin Mobile Free Fest the next weekend. All in all, I believe it was one of my best summers yet. 

So now the nippy autumn season has begun, where every day feels like perfect football season weather, though I’m personally ready for college basketball to start up again.

Now to the point: to show how happy I am to be writing again, and how crummy it felt not writing for the past month, I have here for all you wonderful people a playlist of “Look! There goes another leaf!” music. Hardly any of it is new; in fact most of it is at least a year old. I did my best to not put tracks on it that have been featured on 1146 miles before, repeat artists on the other hand-–there was no way around it.

And as always, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

Until next Monday (for real this time), catchya later tricks!