Bloc Party – Letter To My Son

You can’t go around…

I couldn’t sleep last night due to excitement. I bought my bus ticket to head up to New York this weekend. It isn’t the first time, so I’m at a bit of a loss due to my happy anxiety. It’s seriously akin to my 7-year-old self’s yearning for Kennywood Day (Pittsburgh’s charming theme park). Maybe it’s part of a more abstract search that began this year. But while I may not know what I’m looking for, I certainly know the perfect soundtrack.

…breaking young girls’ hearts.

The post-punk revival of the early-to-mid 2000’s will be inexorably linked to New York City. Many great bands came out of the scene (Interpol, The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, etc). Though, many of the catchiest songs came from NYC’s neighbor from across the pond. England’s Bloc Party often leaned more towards the “punk” half of post-punk more than others. A lot of their songs are faster, feature more distortion and energy, and the drumming would be right at home with 80’s hardcore acts. Unfortunately, by their third album Intimacy, it felt like they were trying to recreate the magic of their debut Silent Alarm. To be honest, Intimacy kinda bored me. But, there was a bonus track that caught my ear and has yet to let go.

 And you looked so right…

Letter To My Son should have been the lead single of an otherwise forgettable album. I believe the first time I ever heard it was while driving through a city (probably Pittsburgh) late at night, surrounded by orange lights, with snow falling. It had to be, because this is the image that comes to mind everytime I hear the murmurs at the beginning of the track which explode into jangly guitars and an awesome, bouncy bassline. While I’ll be a far cry from Pittsburgh and snow, I’ll be sure to slide my thumb to this song as the Manhattan’s glow comes into view.

…in that red dress.

Bloc Party – Letter To My Son