Yellow Ostrich – Whale

What’s one thing that you find enjoyable to do but wish you were better at? I like to paint from time to time.

It’s calming to have some killer music playing and just put the acrylics to paper with whatever comes to mind. Depending on what music I have playing in the background, I feel like I’m progressively (slowly but surely) improving. I had one of these very moments yesterday.

[This picture was the outcome]

So what was the cause?

Yellow Ostrich played an acoustic version of their track entitled Whale on the Big Ugly Yellow Couch. I have no clue when the performance is from but I absolutely love it. For at least half the duration of doing my painting, I was listening to this performance on repeat. Check it out and tell me you don’t dig it.

Yellow Ostrich is on tour now so be sure to check ‘em out in a city nearby!

Until next Monday… catchya later tricks!