Sonic Youth – Disappearer

Have you heard the terrible, tragic, devastating news?

Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, married for 27 years, have separated. Now, I love Sonic Youth, and shudder to think of the implications this will have for the rest of the band (you can’t break up now! The Eternal = so good!). But, at the risk of sounding supremely callous, why do we care?

I don’t mean “care” in a sense that is synonymous with “compassion.” It’s a terrible thing when a marriage dissolves, especially one that appeared to have such longevity. I feel genuinely sympathetic to the fact that they’re going through what is presumably a very difficult time. Yet all condolences aside, we don’t know them. All we really know of them is pictures and video clips, anecdotes, and interviews. To us average non-celebrities, they’re practically fictitious.

Am I saying that we should never be concerned with the lives of those who don’t directly affect us? No! It’s just that to me, this feels like a form of voyeurism. The fact that they’re public figures doesn’t mean we should included in all matters of their private lives, especially the most personal ones.

Simply put, I feel we shouldn’t place inordinate amounts of attention on those who have not touched our lives in any physical, tangible way. (Besides, in this case, creating some amazing songs.)

Now, while I step down from my soap box, let’s talk about music.  

The sliver lining about this depressing news is that it has renewed my interest in Sonic Youth. Goo is one of my favorite albums of all time. It’s almost frustratingly good at times; every song is so amazing, it’s hard to pick just one to highlight.

For the moment, the closest thing I have to a “favorite” Goo track is “Disappearer.”

Let’s hope for the sake of 90’s alternative fans everywhere that Sonic Youth finds a way to stay together.