I'm a Little Tired Today

I went into a music frenzy on Saturday. I bought a few awesome albums. It’s like being a little kid at Christmas/Diwali/Kwanza/Hanukkah (insert your holiday here) and receiving a lot of killer new toys and you just can’t decide what to play with first. That was me on Saturday. I finally made up my mind and it was set on Yellow Ostrich’s album Wild Comfort (released in January, 2010). Sure, I’ve written about their appearance on the Big Ugly Yellow Couch before (which is still among my favorites from those), I just can’t help to write about them again.

Their track “Little Tired” is just so fitting for today because truth is, I’m a little tired today. I can’t write anymore, I apologize. Though, I do leave you with the musical stylings of Yellow Ostrich.