Sarah Jaffe – The Way Sound Leaves A Room

There seems to be a somber mood around this blog today. Life is busy and occasionally exhausting, and the news is forever disheartening. It doesn’t help that it feels like 10 p.m. when it’s only six. On days like today, I just want to unplug the computer and forget about the Internet, quite honestly. Hang out in my sweatpants, maybe, and read a book. I even did a Sudoku puzzle a couple hours ago. On a Wednesday evening. At the “medium” level. This is abnormal behavior for me, in case you’re wondering.

I’d like to dedicate Sarah Jaffe’s “The Way Sound Leaves A Room” to my fellow 1146 Miles bloggers, because I’m feeling kind of blah myself. Though the song conveys a tinge of sadness, I think it has a certain optimism to it, too.

Until next week…