Jhameel – Collision

I originally started writing this post with a solid paragraph about the events that unraveled at my alma mater (PennState) last week. I thought I would spare the read, knowing that Ian has already summarized my thoughts ever so clearly in his post, and also knowing that if you wanted to hear about it even more you would simply turn your television to CNN. I must say, however, the victims (the young boys who are now young men (those are the only victims in this entire scandal)) are in my thoughts.

It’s difficult to then find a solid transition to music so this is my failed attempt to do just that.

You may recall I introduced the fun dancy stylings of Jhameel with his track The Human Condition a few months ago. Well, he’s back! He has a new series entitled WAVES which entails 5 weeks of Tuesdays where he will release a new track which will also be available to stream or download entirely free. You read right, free! His track, Collision, was featured last week. You can check him out every Tuesday on his Facebook and Soundcloud pages.

Until next Monday, catchya later tricks!
Collision by jhameel