2 Hearts and Chemicals – Coming Home EP

2 Hearts and Chemicals - Coming Hope EP

I’ve made passing reference to soundtracks and pretending that scenes in life are played out in some grandiose, well-ending cinematic flourish accompanied by some triumphant music. It’s that I want everything to end well and never want to be the tramp in some Charlie Chaplin classic. It’s a little stubborn on my part in spite of all the disappointing evidence to the contrary–Tiger Woods, Penn State, politicians left and right, and corporations. There is precious little that is left to disappoint me and that lost innocence is only a nagging reminder of reality and what little the world can be.

Yet, I believe that mankind is optimistic bunch, even if only in a foolish way. We want to see the good. Sure there’s Charles Mansons and evildoers, but overall, most people would rather be the hero than the villain. It’s why girls still love Disney princesses when they grow up and why boys invest in sports heroes. We want life to be bigger than it is. And darn it, if I don’t music to reflect that sometimes.

That’s what this EP is. 2 Hearts and Chemicals have created something that is bigger than the cacophony of sounds. It’s sweeping and cinematic, a soundtrack for some grandiose scene, if only in the bedroom dreamer’s eyes.

I missed my first Thanksgiving this year and I am already looking forward to going home for Christmas. The Coming Hope EP captures the scene as I play it out in my mind. The bookending tracks of Paradise Lost and Coming Home are epic, personal favorites, and have left an impression.

Hope you connect with it as well. Enjoy. Like them.

Coming Home EP by 2 Hearts and Chemicals