Voxhaul Broadcast – Blackout

Can I just start off by saying how much I love this band?

About a month ago, I was looking for a show to go to. Voxhaul Broadcast popped up for one of the one’s that night. So, I checked them out online and immediately fell in love. Hands down, one of my best shows yet. Especially since I got to stand directly in front of David Dennis (lead singer) the whole time.

A very indie band, they’re mainly composed of soul, psychedelic, and rock sounds. Their songs are catchy, and feel good. Blackout in particular makes me feel especially nice, because I can imagine my friends and I hanging out in a basement, covering this song. It’s happy, light, and warm.

Besides this song, Leaving On the 5th and No Better Reason are two of my other favorites, (listen to them and you’ll see why). For anybody who likes a good indie tune, I definitely recommend Voxhaul Broadcast.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/13931686″]