She's The Queen – Talk To Me

Shes The Queen Talk To Me

I don’t tend to post the same repeating artists on 1146 miles for a couple reasons–mainly, I like to spread around the love and good vibes and partly because I know I won’t ever hear all the music in the world and as a subconscious nod to my mortality, I want to make my best effort to hear as much as I possibly can. My voracious appetite doesn’t cease and the discovery (whether through the inbox, Bandcamp, or other blogs) is where I derive the greatest pleasure. It’s rare that I can get the same joy as discovery and that’s where my focus and selection come from.

With that said, I’m going to post another She’s The Queen song.

I have an enormous soft spot for She’s The Queen because I like dancy, electropop and I like to think I have some connection about starting out around the same time (although they formed in Ithaca before I started the blog in Miami). With each progressing release, they’ve grown in their sound and I love I can hear it. Here is the latest progression, Talk To Me.

Talk to Me by Shes the Queen