Fort Frances – The Lowlands

I should preface my proceeding remarks with the fact that Ryan Adam’s Lucky Now has been my go-to track for a little over a week now. It’s been something I’ve listened to on repeat over the week for what has to be hours now. When I’m not listening to something new, I’m listening to Lucky Now. For the record, I don’t think it’s getting due consideration as one of the tracks of the year (and I’d argue the same for the album itself).

I consider it an awesome track not because it dumbfounds you with a wall of sound, catchiness, or incessant airplay but because of the emotions that it sparks. Or for me, the reflection of my emotions in musical form.

Okay, I think that’s enough of a preface. I will start to talk about the new music from Fort Frances, The Lowlands.

Fort Frances - The Lowlands


I’ve been having these dreams or maybe they’re nightmares about someone (the someone that is the reason for this blog in fact) and I don’t know why she is suddenly making unwelcome appearances in my sleep. It’s causing an uneasy, unhappy feeling because I just wish that my dreams reflected the reality that I was completely moved on from those times. Because my dreams can’t do that, I attempted to substitute music for some reflection of my emotions. But the music isn’t cooperating completely either. The Ryan Adams song was the one that was capturing my acceptance but also my melancholy. To be honest, I wonder if there’s something else at work here and I think there are some other things I could attribute these ghostly appearances to, but I’ll leave that for another place and time.

To me, this new Fort Frances song shares the same proper, weighted response to my emotions as Lucky Now. When I listen I find that it’s these two songs that I’m nodding along to–just as much in agreement of their downtrodden nature as to the acoustical accompaniments of my discontented feelings.

I’ve written about the Chicago band of David McMillin, Aaron Kiser and Jeff Piper previously. It seems like every time I hear one of their songs, I end up talking about the same person. It’s not the worst thing, well, maybe it is liking sticking a finger in a puncture wound for me but one day I hope I move beyond associating one thing in the past with their music. It’s quite an emotional response I have though, which is a credit to them. If you haven’t read enough of my babbling, another example is one of my favorite posts–a review of their debut album The Atlas from Valentine’s Day; check it out if you have a chance.

Here is their website and Facebook page.

You can download The Lowlands via the Soundcloud player.