Tiny Victories – Lost Weekend

Music is part of the equation of what’s featured on 1146 miles. The other part is emotion–whether it’s the emotions that the music elicits or the emotions it reflects.

Here, the song title says it all.

Sometimes I want to write about emotions and how music sparks them or reflects them and sometimes there’s nothing I really want to say at all. The latter is the case here; for the things that hit closest to home, I’d rather bottle it up and only talk with those I care about. When something is consuming you, you can’t escape it, even when making a song choice for a blog post. I figure at least with this song, it can do the talking because it reflects some of my feelings when you replace the you’s with I’s.

Sorry for being so opaque, sometimes a post just takes on a diary tone. Here is Lost Weekend. It’s a good song whether you attach any value to it or not.

Here is the Facebook page of Tiny Victories. Their EP will be out in the end of February.