The Dialogue – Amstel Youth

I keep three ToDo lists. The first two are pretty standard: “Today” and “Weekend” lists. The third isn’t written down, but kept in the back of my mind, containing only long-term items of achieving goals and bettering myself. One item that has been there for QUITE some time is to become more familiar with the Baltimore music scene. I’ll tell you this: it ain’t easy.

First, half the really cool gigs are at underground venues whose locations one can’t just google. Second, unless I’m feeling uncommonly adventurous, I prefer to go to concerts with someone else. Lastly, there are SO. MANY. BANDS. and tons of them really rock. Just to give you a taste, Friends Records is one of my favorite labels around here: you can check out their tasty sampler right heeerrrrrrreeeeee. Anyways, I managed to talk my buds to checking out some local music Saturday night. The winner of potential shows was The Dialogue, and my favorite track I’ve heard thus far is “Amstel Youth”.

The song has everything an indie rock sound should have: jangly guitars, bouncy drums, and super catchy melodies. And do I hear a tamborine in the distance? Nice. Normally I reserve the catchy indie rock stuff for summer, but hey- it was like 68 degrees outside. Close enough.



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