Freestylers – Cracks (Ft. Belle Humble) (Flux Pavilion Remix)

Here is a dirty little secret about what I do at work: I listen to Pandora, scouting songs for 1146 miles. *whew* That felt great to get off my chest. With the advent of digital technology and our  ability to pick and choose media, I resort to the lowest common denominator application to help me find “new” tracks to write about. No need to do the hard work when some company is already doing it for you. (This is obviously not meant to take away from the other wonderful writers. It just means that I am probably the laziest.)

ENOUGH OF MY JIBBER JABBER THOUGH! (And please do not pity the fool.) I have come to bring you all a track that managed to break forth from the background music Pandora plays to massage my ear drums. The Flux Pavilion remix of “Cracks” by the Freestylers is a prime example of dubstep done right. (Kind of helps that both artists happen to be from England.) This track is one that grabs your attention right away from the strings in the intro that melts into a beautiful melody, played on what I want to say is a glockenspiel (I think based on my knowledge of this).  This then leads into one of the dirtiest drops I have heard in a long long time. With the bass drums ramping up in intensity, you can feel the drop coming. The bass drop is what kicked my mind out of the midday work stupor and into outer space.

Enough out of me though. I will now take a backseat and let you listen to this great track.