Silver Swans – Secrets

Secrets has a real Friday vibe to it in my opinion and that’s part of the reason I’m featuring it. It’s music that has that atmospheric shoegaze aesthetic applied to its synths like M83 but it’s a little more bedroom dreampop (wow, that sentence ended up with a bunch of 2011 musical buzzwords, apologies). But the music isn’t a fad. It strikes me as sounding like a chilled out Chain Gang of 1974.

The song is over a year old but it is a part of the recently released Silver Swans album, Forever. Admittedly, I’ve only listened to 3 songs off of the album but I’ve liked to all 3 and will give the full album a listen this weekend. If Secrets and the other 2 songs are any indication, I’m going to love it.

Here is their Facebook.

Hope you enjoy.