Jhameel Shows Some Appreciation

Sometimes as an avid music listener you wonder if artists really appreciate their fans. A lot of musicians will make it a point to show their appreciation for their fans. Appreciation comes in so many different.


  • Bands meeting their fans through VIP meet & greet sessions.
  • Bands working their own merch booths to meet their fans.
  • Musicians hanging around at the bar prior and after their set on show day, chatting up any fans that come their way..
  • Bands having meet & greet sessions during Warped Tour and other music festivals.

… the list goes on in different variations of the same examples.

Here’s a different form of appreciation for fans brought to you by Jhameel. Every time Jhameel has hit a new 1,000 mark of “likes” on his Facebook page, he has performed a cover of a song and posted it on his YouTube page. Now you’re probably thinking, “okay, what’s so great about that?” He’s drunk while performing said cover. Yes, drunk.

Last night Jhameel released his drunk cover of Fun.’s We are Young as a thank you to his 5,000+ fans on Facebook. Did I mention he sounds amazing drunk too?

Check it out, Spongebob boxers and all. If you like what you see, go like his Facebook page so we can get another drunk video and soon!