Me And My Drummer – You're A Runner

My posts on 1146 miles have been more of the echo variety instead of the discovery variety recently. I hope to dive into some really awesome unheard music, but (again) I will be promoting a song that has appeared on other music blogs previously. If you haven’t heard You’re A Runner, I’m really happy to share it with you for the first time. If you have heard it, here’s an opportunity to get lost again in this dreampop.

Although I call it dreampop, You’re A Runner by Me And My Drummer is right in the vein of Ellie Goulding and Kyla La Grange. Probably more the latter, but definitely more towards the pop side of the equation than the shoegaze side.

Me And My Drummer is the Berlin duo of Charlotte Brandi (providing vocals and playing keys) and Matze Pröllochs (drums chiefly). Their debut album The Hawk, The Beak, The Prey will be out May 11th. Until then, here’s the Facebook page and their song, You’re A Runner.