Of Monsters and Men – Mountain Sound

Hold your horses now…

I’m really excited about seeing this band in concert. Really, really excited. If this video from Williamsburg is any indication, I have every right to be.

The six-piece from Iceland has been on my radar since Jessica introduced them to me last year.

Their album, My Head Is An Animal, is straight indie pop, complete with boy/girl exchanges, handclaps, and bunches or oh’s (pretty much guaranteeing my liking). And it is full of earworms. For example, this song is infectious and fun and repeatable. It’s why this concert is something that I’m looking forward to immensely.

With Little Talks playing on the radio, I suspect that it’s going to sell out and people that will be singing along with me and Of Monsters and Men at the Ogden. See you there, Denver. Until then, let the video whet your appetite.