2 Hearts and Chemicals – Froid (Ft. Guylaine Vivarat)

I’ve got a beautiful new song from 2 Hearts and Chemicals featuring Guylaine Vivarat.

I don’t think I provided a proper introduction the first time I featured them. 2 Hearts and Chemicals is a duo comprised of Eli Lhymn and Stephen Biebel. They are based on the coasts, out of Los Angeles and New York City. They are originally from Pennsylvania.

It was the cinematic quality to their music that attracted me the first time to their Coming Home EP and that quality is readily apparent on this new track. With Guylaine Vivarat starting out singing in French (the track title is French for cold) and concluding with the repeating down’s, Froid is the equivalent of a musical short. It takes you on a journey over the course of its 3 and half minutes, something befitting of this site and worthy of your ears.

2 Hearts and Chemicals will be putting out an EP and a LP this year. This track is off the upcoming LP and is available for free download via their Bandcamp page. Don’t forget to like them on Facebook.

Froid (ft. Guylaine Vivarat) by 2 Hearts and Chemicals