Hoodie Allen Feat. Jhameel – No Faith In Brooklyn

Happy Monday!

[Writer’s Apology – I just realized I haven’t posted in 3 weeks. I’m sorry! This will be made up within today and tomorrow, get ready for a Meera-post-fest.]

 “i love 2012, a jewish guy and an asian guy can make a hip hop song together”

Curious? That was tweeted by Jhameel after the release of this video:

In case you couldn’t gather, the Jewish guy is Hoodie Allen. The hook is addictive and Hoodie’s words have me feeling old at the ripe new age of 24 but I don’t hate it. What I’m trying to say? I’ve been listening to this track non-stop for almost two weeks. What I want you to do? Watch the video, love the song, and buy the song. Why? Because it’s my birthday and that’s what I’d like for you to do (you read right, I just pulled the birthday card).

If you live in Denver.. it’s your lucky day! 1146 miles is giving away 2 tickets to see Hoodie Allen on May 3 at Bluebird Theater! All you have to do is like the 1146 miles Facebook page for a chance to win the tickets!

Until.. a little later. Catchya later tricks!