Little Legend – Little Legend EP

Little Legend

Out today is Little Legend’s debut EP. You can listen to it at the band’s website.

Often times, I just feature one song from an EP as the post, but here, picking a favorite proved tougher than normal. The self-titled 5 song EP is 5 great tracks. It’s the work of Brandy Tudor, Joseph Copeland, Robbie Schiller, and Daniel Jin and it is good old fashioned rock and roll. They are giving away Saints and that’s the song that I ended up featuring below.

I don’t like when people say that rock is dead and here is why. It’s the bands like this Wisconsin one that are tearing up guitar strings and heart strings but the people that claim rock is dead aren’t hearing them. That’s a shame because this band has crafted a sound that can play well on speakers, in headphones and I wouldn’t doubt seedy dive bars.

You can’t tell me that there’s no intangible aspect of rock that separates the good from the ok. I frequently attribute it to the passion of a song. Lots of songs are well-played or technically sound, but don’t capture something beyond the mechanical nature of strumming a guitar or sounding like a drum machine. On this EP, the passion exudes through the airwaves (especially, and as it should, for a song entitled Heartbreak) and it deserves your ears.


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