Beware and Be Grateful

[So sorry – I forgot to click “publish” yesterday!!]

Six days before my 24th birthday, my favorite Chicago-based math-rock-indie-pop quartet released their latest album. If you’re new to the musical readings of 1146 miles, then the band I’m referring to is Maps & Atlases. Their album, Beware and Be Grateful, has been on sporadic repeats and loops on my iPod/computer/iPad/phone/anything-that-plays-music. Three weeks have passed of me letting this album simmer into my brain, in hopes that I’ll somehow find the words to articulate how great it is. This is the best I can do for my love for this album, the reasons why it will – without a doubt- make my list of favorite albums of 2012. 

  • The slow uphill tempo of “Fever” gets be grooving on the most tired of days.
  • The illusion of a complete acoustic intro to “Silver Self” somehow has me day dreaming as I drive along the Potomac River on the GW Parkway.
  • Winter“, oh winter, I told you all how I feel about that already.
  • “Old & Gray” makes me appreciate every memory I have with all my closest friends.
  • “Vampires” makes me get up and dance. Just… dance.

I could go on about how I feel when each of the ten tracks plays but what fun would that be for you when you’re listening to this album? Not much. What I’m trying to say in a huge round about way is this: there aren’t many albums out there in which I truly enjoy listening to every single track – where I don’t feel the urge to press “skip” after a particular song – but somehow Maps & Atlases has provided me with the album that helps me completely avoid the verb, skip. 

Until next Monday.. (for real this time).. Catchya later tricks!