The Falls – Home

The Falls

Simple, easy listening from the Australian duo The Falls. I think they had me at the mention of Stevie Nicks and a quote by her in their bio–“devastation leads to writing good things.”

The Falls are made up of Melinda Kirwin and Simon Rudston-Brown. They note they’ve fallen in and out of love and this music was an outlet for their heartbreak. Their brand of indie folk is centered on intimacy: it isn’t overproduced, overwrought with complex metaphors, or swallowed up by a wall of sound. It is is simple harmonies, lyrics, and bountiful amounts of sincerity. It’s a pair of artists wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Home exemplifies this perfectly and is on their upcoming debut, Hollywood EP, which will be out the first of June.

Here is their Facebook page. Be sure to like them if you like this song.